Be at the Center of your Care

Our Approach

We practice cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine to offer you and your loved ones more options to diagnose and treat the root cause of your health issues. Our physicians are board-certified medical doctors, recognized in their medical community for their outstanding clinical prowess and bedside rapport. They refreshingly reserve the use of chemicals, radiation, and invasive procedures in your care unless absolutely needed and will work tirelessly to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to give you multiple paths to find a CURE for your condition. Most importantly, they will never stop searching for the answers you need to feel better.

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Your Visit

Your visit with our physicians will be like no other. Time is plentiful and we will take extra care to make sure all of your specific symptoms and concerns are met fully. A complete history and comprehensive physical examination with particular focus on holistic markers of health will be performed, Then laboratory and diagnostic testing will be ordered sparingly so as to limit your exposure to things like ionizing radiation unless absolutely necessary. With your partnership, a fully-customized care plan will be formulated with progress monitored on your patient portal throughout your journey to better health.

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About Salus Wellcare

Our Philosophy

We believe that a person is more than just their physical body and fully endorse the Mind-Body-Soul movement.

Why We Do It

Why Us

Having been in conventional practice for decades, our physicians bring a holistic approach to your care by offering you more than just symptom-controlling pills.

What We Do

Our Team

Our partners and affiliates are hand-selected from our medical community for their knowledge, experience, and patient rapport. We are working hard to meet the growing demand of our patients.

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Our Mission

We are here to serve you, not vice-versa. Our patients are smart, engaged people who aren't getting the answers they need to feel well and continually inspire us by their drive for a better life.

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