Our goal is to get at the root cause of your issues and stop it in its tracks so that you can get back to your life.

At Salus, we want to take medicine out of the ivory towers of insurance companies and government regulators, back to the bedside. Our old paradigm of care had our patients visiting us monthly for the rest of their lives. In an integrative model of care, our goal is to never have to see you again (as a patient). We are very pleased and grateful that we now have the tools and knowledge to finally bring the right care to our community and great patient outcomes are the sole determinants of our own success. The Salus model is how value-based care should be delivered.


With multiple decades of training and experience in conventional medicine, our physicians are among the very few doctors in our medical community that understand that most chronic diseases actually have evidence-based CURES. Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, and hypercholesterolemia need not plague you and your loved ones forever. All of these conditions can be treated with education and simple changes in diet and lifestyle. We reserve the use of pharmaceuticals obviating the need to be on life-long prescription medications.

The integrative approach is essentially impossible under the conventional model of care because it takes much more time to get to the root cause of a disease than to write a few prescriptions that cover up its symptoms. Our pharmaceutical-funded healthcare training process doesn’t equip us with this knowledge and our payers want us to limit our time with patients so as to see as many patients as possible. We and our patients fundamentally disagree with these tenants.
This is why we can not accept payment from conventional payers.


Our primary focus is on treating the underlying root cause of your problem and not just its superficial symptoms. We believe that our job is to unlock the sometimes hidden, awesome ability of the human body to heal itself.

People are not just physical creatures that are susceptible to viruses, fractures, and chronic diseases. We are usually born into caring arms and nurtured into complex beings with emotions, faith, and a personal and societal agenda. This growth process has ups and downs that accumulate over time and eventually form our personal strengths and weaknesses which ultimately manifest into what becomes our mind, body, and soul.

Salus physicians have the time to review your health holistically, in other words as an entire person and not just from the perspective of disease. We know from personal experience that conventional practice often corners well-intentioned doctors into looking at you as “a patient with disease x that needs to get y in order for everyone involved to get z.” We view you as a person with a life and focus on the root causes for your current health status and the many, many measures that can be taken to improve it. We believe that a fundamental understanding of these root causes have a therapeutic effect in and of itself and is a necessary step to overcome and prevent recurrence of illness.

Most significantly, we believe that lifelong treatment with pharmaceuticals is largely unnecessary (and even contraindicated) for people that are motivated enough to get off of them. We believe doctors and other healthcare practitioners should be able to provide the knowledge to those who are willing to do the work. Our patients don’t have time to be sick and are smart, loving, caring people who feel a responsibility to themselves, their loved ones, and/or some higher power. They don’t want to be on pills and they certainly don’t want to feel duped. They are looking for answers and though we don’t have them all, our holistic approach to your care allows us to have a lot more than we did when we were in purely conventional practice.