Paying for Your Care

Why we don’t accept conventional insurance

Medicare and commercial insurance cover the cost of holistic services at the same rate as conventional care. This means these payers want your visits to be timed and in accordance with their policies and procedures. We believe our doctors, patients, and other healthcare practitioners know better than the payers and for this reason, can only accept direct payment.  Understanding that this can be an inconvenience to our patients, we offer the following opportunities to help ease the payment process.

Health Savings/Spending Account

Use your HSA to achieve great health!  You can save 30-50% of the cost of your care by using your health savings account.

All Salus costs are covered as well as most of our therapies, including biofeedback, naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, magnetic healing, reflexology, and many others.

Our ability to provide this service is directly related to the significant cost savings of not participating with traditional insurance companies.  We pass this savings on to our patients through outstanding evidence-based practice that keeps you and your family as healthy as possible which reduces your overall cost of care.

Forms of Payment

We accept virtually any type of payment and will NEVER turn a patient in need away without first offering a helping hand. Need-based financial aid may be available in some cases.

Billing FAQ

Please note the following prior to scheduling an appointment:

  • Payment of cash, check or credit card is due at or before the time of service.
    The International Classification of Disease version 10 (ICD-10) is an epidemiologic disease classification system that was never intended to be used for billing purposes.
  • Salus physicians do not use the ICD-10 coding system to classify your care. We do not file insurance claims on behalf of patients.
  • Please know that changing a physician’s documentation into conventional (ICD-10) coding when submitting a claim to an insurance company is considered fraud.
  • Physicians and staff cannot answer any insurance coverage questions, cannot become involved in any type of dispute with your insurance company, and cannot write “medical necessity letters”.
  • Blood work billing is normally run through your insurance and you are responsible for providing the lab with your recent insurance information. You are also responsible for knowing how your insurance plan will cover the costs of lab services as well as the cost of your deductible.