Our Services

Integrative Consultation

Our physicians are double board-certified medical doctors (MDs) specializing in both internal medicine and integrative medicine. This combination of training makes us well-suited to address the full gamut of your health from preventative care to the treatment of virtually any serious chronic disease including cardiopulmonary disease, diabetes, and cancer.

If you or your loved one is just not getting the answers you need to feel better, our doctors can help. We will work with your care team to develop a customized plan to treat (and hopefully cure) your condition. Our primary goal will be to get you safely off of your pills and get you back to the great life you deserve.

Health Coaching

In America, it’s simply just not that easy to live a healthy life. Whether you’re fighting against serious medical conditions or just trying to optimize your health status, our health coaches can assist you in setting and achieving your goals. Lose weight, be able to walk a mile, be able to keep up with children/grandchildren, or perform better at work- no matter what your objectives are, we can help.

Integrative Yoga

Yoga is becoming a very common way for people to improve your overall health status. This phenomenal program is specially-designed to serve our community and is run by hand-selected, incredibly experienced and talented yoga instructors that understand you! Whether you need to take the edge off of your recovery plan or just trying to improve your overall health, integrative yoga will be a fun and relaxing way to achieve your goal!!

IV Nutrient Therapy

Most of us have a diet and lifestyle that leaves us depleted in vital nutrients that can lead to the development of chronic disease. Bypassing the gastrointestinal (GI) tract has tremendous treatment advantages and we commonly employ IV nutrient therapy to treat serious chronic disease like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), fibromyalgia, vitamin deficiencies, and even as adjuvant therapy for various types of cancers. If you want to treat or cure your serious chronic disease with all-natural nutrients, call one of our doctors today!