OUR VISION: Get at the root cause

We believe that the healthcare system should focus on wellness and not just how to recover from illness.

As conventional medical practitioners, we were unsatisfied with the care we were delivering to our patients. We didn't want to accept the norms that we were trained to follow.


At Salus, we want to take medicine to the next level; we want our healthcare system to evolve into a wellness system and move beyond quick, short-term treatments.

In the current medical scenario, a single doctor is expected to quickly and efficiently manage a large cadre of patients assigned to them by non-physicians who have often unrealistic expectations. The only way a doctor can meet these expectations is by focusing on treating the symptom and fixing it. The system is designed to quickly put you and your disease on to the conveyor belt of a well-charted treatment course, assuming that what works for the majority will automatically help the individual.

Sure, it works to relieve minor clinical scenarios, but the system quickly unravels when the problem comes back, when a pill is missed, or when individual needs diverge from the mass population.

People across the world are now waking up to the deficiencies of conventional medicine; they want to break the cycle of hospital visits and strict pill schedules; the cost of medicine has prompted them to move beyond the status quo, explore ALL the options, and commit to lifelong prevention and wellness. It is our mission and indeed our pleasure to partner with these people on our mutual journey to better health.


We are board-certified medical doctors (MDs) specializing in internal medicine and have each practiced conventional medicine for over a decade before realizing that this philosophy of care was falling short. We took great personal and professional pain and financial risk to follow our hearts and refocus our careers on the integrative model of care, creating Salus WellCare – the first internal medicine-based integrative holistic medical practice in our community. Now we are breaking long-set barriers, providing outstanding service to our community of underserved and underdiagnosed patients. Many of these are people who have seen sometimes multiple dozens of doctors with no relief of their condition, told "there's nothing wrong with you", or worse- misdiagnosed and treated with the wrong treatment.

It has been an incredible journey and we are only getting started...


We have the requisite experience and certifications in not just Integrative Medicine but also the conventional medical system. But perhaps what’s more important for our patients is that we really believe in the power of holistic treatment – it is not just a fad that we are catering to – Integrative Medicine has touched our lives and changed us for the better. We practice what we preach!

For those of you trying to bring positive change to your lives, we promise to guide you on your journey to better health with empathy, love, and commitment. You don't have to feel sick and alone anymore.